The music industry can be a very shady business but relationships and networking is key. Showing great integrity and amazing work ethic is a start to greatness. Though Suede is on a long journey to success, he too has to work hard! When you aren’t working there are others working to get ahead of you. Always remember that.


  • Network (Collab with other artists/producers/dj’s)
  • Get social (Go to events and festivals)
  • Stay Healthy (Being an artist/musician can consists of late nights and heavy unhealthy eating/drinking.)
  • Read up on Books and/or tutorials to educate yourself on things you don’t know and learn the business.
  • Stay Inspired
  • Make Smart Investments
  • Be patient and stay prepared (Everyone has their time to shine. Stay ready and don’t frustrate yourself so much.)
  • Get out that box! (Try things you normally wouldn’t sometimes)


  • Be Impatient (This could lead to hate, bitterness and/or lack of concentration)
  • Get Jealous (Don’t get mad when you see others doing what you wish you were doing even if you know you’re way more talented. Keep grinding.)
  • Fake It Until You Make it
  • Spend unnecessary Money